accounting software integration


WeighPay Solutions' offers an integrated accounting solution and the ability to fully integrate with your accounting package.

WeighPay developed both AP (accounts payables) and AR (accounts receivables) with full month end reporting, partial payments, aging and late fees, this data can then be pushed into your accounting package.  

Having a POS system with both AP and AR integrated are integral parts of running a modern industrial retail business.  

Purchase tickets can be assigned a AP payment type, then these tickets can be assigned on a one-to-one or a one-to-many to an AP Summary for payment.  The check printing is also integrated. Managing your Payables has never been this simple.

Creating AR Invoices can be done right from the ticket screen by selecting the AR Billing option as the payment type, or by creating Shipping Reports, these BOL can be assigned to AR Invoices on a one-to-one or a one-to-many allowing you to bill your clients and accept payments in WeighPay and then push this data into your accounting package.

Images and files can be attached to AR Invoices, this is used for attaching your buyers receiving tickets, weight tickets and images to your AR Invoice.

Built in email, the ability to auto add missing inventory when creating a shipping report and the option to auto create the invoice makes your accounting more of a one step process.

integration is another ground breaking software product, allowing users to use desktop or online version of QuickBooks, NetSuite and have real time ticket and customer data automatically inserted in the accounting package. Keeping track of your cash and checking accounts will be instant and immediately reduces manual entry of customers and material totals.

Using a full ERP solution like NetSuite, we have integrated our software with NetSuite so your company can use their CRM all the way through to the G/L, dashboards.

No matter your accounting software Weigh Pay Solutions can and will integrate to the degree your accounting software allows other software products to interface with it.

With full control of incoming data from our Weigh Pay Solutions servers we can insert your customers and ticket data as an invoice, bill or journal entry and auto debit and credit your bank accounts accordingly.

Truly a must have for any company wanting to reduce manual entry errors and reducing employee hours and accounting services.

Our accounting integration not only saves you money it brings real time accounting to your company’s finances.

To learn more about our accounting integration, or any other products by Weigh Pay Solutions, please contact our sales and support specialists at 888-440-8858 or contact us online.