When it comes to pricing out the software, many times it feels like somebody grabbed a number out of thin air. We’ve put careful research and time into calculating our costs – it’s important to us that you’re getting the value and features you need and deserve, and that we are able to exceed your expectations in providing that value. Our goal isn’t to be the cheapest solution available, we have honest fair market pricing for the services we provide, and the client base and testimonials worldwide to back it up.

Our pricing has 3 main components: The Software License fee, the Hardware Package and Training.


NEW LICENSING MODEL: Starting July 1, 2017 software licensing is based on the number of users, not the number of locations, unlocking your ability to grow your company.

WeighPay charges an annual license fee for the features and modules chosen by the company and then charges a monthly access fee on a per user basis for the Edition chosen.  Our licenses are company wide and not location based. Have 3 locations, pay one low annual license fee and then pay a small access fee each month for each user.

Implementation fees are determined by the total count of workstations, hardware, total user count. 

Want our best price? 
Sign a five year agreement! Save 10% annually for each year signed when signing more than a 1 year contract. 
Sample: Sign 3 years save 30%.

WeighPay offers an annual subscription model and may be renewed annually or over longer durations.

Never be version locked again, software updates are included.

Monthly user fees include friendly chat support.

Don't want cloud hosting? WeighPay can provide on-premise servers and networking services.



This edition offers the minimum features needed to meet state compliance reporting requirements for CALRECYCLE CZ Centers. Implementation fees and hardware not included.
*Requires an annual license fee for the company and then a $49/mo per user with an annual contract.



This edition offers the minimum features needed to meet state compliance reporting requirements for all products. Implementation fees and hardware not included.
*Requires an annual license fee for the company and then a $99/mo per user with an annual contract. Finanacing available.  



This edition is for companies that want to buy and sell products using integrated AP, AR Invoices, Inventory and Shipping features. Implementation fees and hardware not included.
*Requires an annual license fee for the company and then a $99/mo per user with an annual contract. Financing available. 



This edition is for companies that need a fully featured enterprise level solution that connects their scale data to their accounting software in real-time. Includes ATM and accounting software integration. Implementation fees and hardware not included.
*Requires an annual license fee for the company and then a $99/mo per user with an annual contract. Financing available.  

Build Your Custom Package

Once you’ve determined that WeighPay is the right platform for your business, we will help you identify the appropriate software and hardware configuration that matches your budgets.

Determine Contract Duration
The minimum amount of time that you can sign up for WeighPay is one year. However, you may sign up for a maximum five year term if desired. Important benefits to this include financing options and discount pricing.

Financing can provide a nice mechanism for spreading WeighPay costs over the license duration.


We will capture your project requirements and provide an estimate for implementation services as a separate one time fee.
With over 12 years of experience and more than 10,000 installs to date we can provide a best-in-class install and training solution that includes turn-key hardware packages for both cloud and on-premise server installs and networking services.
Once an acceptable estimate has been presented for the desired configuration and duration, you will sign a Service License Agreement. Shortly thereafter, your WeighPay account will be provisioned (usually within 24 hours) and your implementation can begin. You will pay Inc., directly for your annual license fees, implementation fees, hardware costs and monthly fees.
We can assist in spreading your licensing costs out over up to five years, and we provide competitive financing options following the completion of a one-page credit application. We can even bundle your implementation and hardware costs into your financing package.

Accounting Integration Fee

Our software integrates with many of the most popular accounting packages like NetSuite | Oracle, Quick Books and Microsoft Navision.  This fee is included in the Enterprise Edition.  For other packages an annual maintenance fee is determined by the brand of the accounting package, number of users and location of the accounting package, online or on-premise.


Choosing the right hardware for the rugged demands of our verticals requires a tremendous amount of research and development. We have put thousands of hours over the last 12 years in testing both the hardware and the vendors that supply them.  We take hardware serious, as it is directly related to the overall performance and joy of using our software.  We understand the harsh environment and the massive pressure our software is under as a front line software vendor.  

We strongly recommend that you get your hardware from WeighPay as part of your new software package.  

We provide tested and certified hardware and guarantee compliance and performance and on going support. Most of our hardware comes pre-installed, tested and ready to go out of the box.  


We have installed over 1000 yards to date, this gives us the proper insight and experience to best advise you to get the best ROI for your new system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in our monthly services?

Hosting. Updates. Support.
First and foremost we are a compliance based software company, so we offer cloud hosting at secure server hosting banks to secure your compliance images and customer ticket data and offer 24/7 access via BOSS. Program Updates, with laws constantly evolving and changing we include program updates to guarantee your state compliance ongoing. Tech Support, due to the advanced integration between software and hardware, chat support is included via our online chat desk Monday-Friday.


What is our refund policy?

We offer a 30 day 100% Compliance Guarantee, if the laws change we guarantee your compliance within 30 days or your money back.  We offer no refunds for software licenses or services outside of the compliance guarantee.  Hardware refunds are not available once the hardware has been opened and connected to your software. Standard manufacturer's warranties are transferred.


What payments methods do we accept?

We accept ACH auto bank checking account payments for license fees and monthly payments. We accept all forms of credit card and debit cards and charge an administration surcharge for all credit card transactions and cash payments.

What delivery options do we offer?

All software is downloaded via our back office online or available at the Google Play Store for instant over the air downloads at no charge. Online installs and training are included in your one time license fees. For additional fees we offer onsite install assistance, showing you where to mount your cameras and computers. Onsite training packages are available and are not included in your license fees or monthly fees.


What support options are available?

Live Online Chat Support is available 5AM to 3PM Pacific Standard Time Monday thru Friday on our Support page. (8AM to 6PM EST) Emergency support is available via email at for after hours and weekend assistance.


What additional services are available?

Scrap yard consulting services. This service includes material and customer traffic flow studies in relation to software usage and camera placement. Pre-sales consulting and inspections are available upon request anywhere in the world. Weigh & Pay offers additional cash security management services, security camera services,  and compliance monitoring services. Brokering services for all metals and bottle beverage types.