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Serving a Variety of Industries Throughout the World

about us 2WeighPay Solutions is a global POS and POP weight-based ticketing compliance software provider to a variety of industries worldwide, including scrap, seafood, aggregate, waste management, and more. We place a special emphasis on providing affordable software and hardware programs and solutions in many of the most popular platforms including Windows, Android, Apple, iPhone and iPad.

Our co-Founder and CEO Stacy Duty started as a sales rep for two of the larger software companies in the recycling industry in 2006. Selling and installing software at over 1,000 locations all over the world, he learned the golden rule, "the customer is always right" and must be heard and responded to in order to create a customer delevoped and driven software product.

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Full Cross-Platform Weight Based Ticketing Solutions

WeighPay Solutions is the first to provide a full cross-platform software solution for scale transactions and compliance.  This means your software is a stand alone Android Application that connects to a cloud database for international use.  WeighPay Solutions provides each customer with an online portal called WEIGH PAY ONLINE that gives real time information and reports with full connectivity to all locations instantly without the need for additional expensive hardware.

Affordability, Latest Technology

WeighPay Solutions has spent the last several years listening and responding to the needs of owners, managers, weighmasters in many weight based industries.  As a former sales executive and lead technician for two of the most popular software companies in the Scrap Metal Industry our co-founder has installed and trained 100′s of businesses throughout the United States.  The result has been a unique opportunity to discover some massive holes left in the marketplace for mobile scrap software that has yielded much higher quality, efficiencies and lower costs to our customers. During this time, other industries that face the same regulatory compliance challenges have chosen Weigh Pay Solutions to manage their operations.

Serving Customers in the Aggregate, Seafood, Waste Management Industries (among others) Throughout the United States and Internationally

We have Weigh Pay Solutions compliance specialists in your area ready to help you. We serve a variety of industries including scrap & recycling, seafood, waste management, aggregate and more. Call us at 888-440-8858 or fill out our online form and we will get back with you. We serve businesses throughout the United States and internationally.



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