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Best Made, what? 

I am sure you have already experienced "worst-made", right?

For the last 5 years WeighPay has been selling "bespoke" and "Best Made" software products and services, but in an effort to meet the the tight budgetary needs of smaller mom & pop business we sold less than desirable consumer grade hardware. Those days are behind us.

What does the term "best made" mean?
Best Made and Bespoke are inter-changeable terms, meaning "custom made products built to the highest standards known to mankind with durability and longevity as core guiding principals" 

Many of our competitors have come and gone throughout the years, but the ones that have survived have not improved as technology would call for.  They remain committed to the same "old school" products with little to no improvements over the years.

Imagine if your cell phone was the old 1985 brick phone still, thats what its like using my competitors products.  Heavy and expensive with a ton of required maintenance just to keep using the product.  They claim "why fix was isn't broken"

old mobile


Personally I have sold thousands of computers and compliance related accessories like ID scanners, fingerprint scanners, signature pads and cameras.  Having sold ATM units all over the world as well, I have seen the garbage hardware that China is throwing our way. In an effort to save a dime, we have all pushed inferior products over the years, myself included.

2016 is proving to be a game changing year for the industry, as the industry struggles with commodity prices WeighPay Solutions is going the other way, committing to only sell BEST MADE software and hardware products. 

When the quality goes up so must the price, the old adage, you get what you pay for is still true and will remain true. 

Lets define this term "BEST MADE"

Best Made is an actual company.

Best Made Company — Bestmade


Best Made Company® is dedicated to equipping customers with quality tools and dependable information that they can use and pass down for generations.
WeighPay has spent the last 2 years researching the best of the best and we have finally secured a contract with the #1 provider of industrial waterproof and dust-proof IP66 rated equipment.
WeighPay will no longer sell or recommend bloated under-performing consumer grade products.

Our relentless commitment to only sell Best Made products required 5 years of testing and proving our equations.  We started out attracting the smaller businesses with less than $1m in revenues, this meant small budgets and quality of hardware was the easiest way to reduce the invoice.  

This move required selling consumer grade brand name products like HP, ACER and many others that are filled with bloatware and often times perform at 50% of the specs listed.  Consumer grade products fail to offer any industrial qualities and usually last 6 months to a year with moderate performance.

As WeighPay grows into new industries we have found that providing a BEST MADE EXPERIENCE is a must and we are committed to raising the bar to a level where the recycling industry can finally claim "Best-Made" is a reality now.

Lets start with the hub of any modern business, the PC.

The WPCASH-22 PC is an example of how WeighPay has raised the bar to BEST MADE.


For starters the PC a IP66 rated Waterproof PC, this PC is an intelligent solution for harsh working environments with exacting production goals where overall design and aesthetics also matter.  The brilliant, thin, fanless, true flat screen design allows for a streamlined modern look. This will compliment a facilities updated design and is ideal for use with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software and similar programs. 

The WPCASH-22 has a 5-wire resistive touch screen that can be used with any type of glove so workers can stay sanitized while the IP66 waterproof pc is washed down.  The computer is designed to be placed in wet and dirty environments with varying humidity. Corrosion is blocked by the stainless steel and M12 metal connectors thereby protecting the industrial grade internal components. 



Using the latest i7 Core CPU with 16GB RAM, allows the WP CASH-22 to keep pace with multiple simultaneous programs so processing power is available when you need it. The high brightness sunlight readable option with optical bonding and 7H anti UV coating is available if outdoor placement is desired. Best Made = 365 24/7 in the toughest environments.


For more information please call 888-440-8858 and ask for sales.


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