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Employees stealing your profits?

  1. Are local police detectives up in your face all the time, wanting customer info, material images, vehicle plate images.  Are theft related issues slowing down your business and scaring off your customers?
  2. Are you going to court to prove your yards compliance or protecting your business from thieves or annoying detectives?
  3. Are your employees steeling you blind?
  4. Do you need to take 1000's of compliance photo's per day?
  5. Need to on-board 100's of new customers each day?

All of these are valid pain points for any scrap yards and or recycling center around the world.

WeighPay Solutions has solved all of these problems and many more with ease and its affordable to use.


Q. How to work "with" the local detectives, instead of against them.
A. Give your local detectives a WeighPay Online portal, where they can:

  1. Search your database for transactions in real-time 24/7 
  2. Search by the material type, like Copper or Brass
  3. Search by customer first name or last name.
  4. Search by vehicle plate number

Detectives can see real-time images of materials, customer face-shot and vehicle images without seeing any proprietary sensitve business data.

No training required, they log into any browser from any device using the username and password you give them, they can start searching through transactions immediately, keeping them out of your yard and putting them at ease without ever calling you, visiting your yard or disturbing your business.


Q. Having internal theft issues?
WeighPay has the only software in the industry that offers automated compliance gathering. No need to remember to gather compliance images before attempting to print. 

We build the logic into the ticket payout process, this allows WPS to offer 100% compliance guarantee.

You can use phones, tablets and or desktop PC's to gather compliance images, we tied all of your workstations together using the internet as your network. This proprietary to WeighPay, no need to sync or upload photos from mobile devices, simply gather the weights and the images are automatically taken.

Bonus internal theft features

We added the ability to take a "secret photo" of the operator using the front facing cameras on all mobile devices, all-in-one PC's and or any web camera or IP camera, the user is unaware that we snapped a photo of them when they saved/printed the ticket.

This helps the owners/managers see who was actually at the workstation creating and finishing the ticket.  Since many if not most employees forget to log out when they walk away from the workstation, you might have a unauthorized customer or employee creating a secrete ticket at the scale or cashier station when the employee walks away, or even worse, looks the other way.

We also built in a override password at each compliance step, guaranteeing the owner that if no password is entered then compliance images must be taken to pay out a ticket.  

WeighPay offers integrated automatic compliance photo capturing features:
Product, Materials, Species photos (buying or selling), customer/vendor face shot images, ID photos, document photos, fingerprint images, vehicle plate images and electronic signature images.

Looking for a complianced based scale solution? look no further as WeighPay offers 4 solutions at different price points for any weight based industry.

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