integrated payment processing solutions

Payment Processing

Eliminate Manual Data Entry and Improve Security

An integrated payment processing system is critical to the success of your business. At WeighPay solutions, we create best-in-class solutions that help you streamline operations, manage front and back end operations for optimum efficiency.

Customer loyalty is critical for business success. With a reliable and fast Point of Sale system, your business can place orders with the touch of a button, and your employees can complete the check out process efficiently to reduce customer wait time. With our fully integrated POS system, your employees can process every kind of payment method, and review transactions immediately, while minimizing errors.

Simple to Use. Simple to Learn.

Integrated payment processing by WeighPay Solutions is simple to use, and simple to learn, and allows you to accept payments at any location. Our system is customizable and store-specific. Your system can be prioritized to meet the needs of your customers and employees, and allow you to generate detailed reports that highlight your busiest times of day, and well as track the highest selling items. This detailed information can help you better manage and evaluate your staff, based on who is able to guide your customers with advice and up-sale opportunities to increase revenues.

Implement a System That Helps Boost Profits

Having an integrated payment processing technology built right in to your point of sale system will impact your profitability. Through integrated payment processing, you will get much more than a payment transaction. You will get marketing and promotional tools to grow your business, increase exposure of your brand, maximize income, and improve customer loyalty through gift card promotions. You can also increase order size by accepting multiple forms of credit cards and mobile payments with quick transaction approvals.


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Credit Card Processing Business Solutions For:

  • Attorney & Trusts
  • E-Commerce
  • High Risk Ventures
  • Mobile Businesses
  • Petroleum/Convenience
  • B2B
  • Grocery
  • High Volume Transactions
  • Non-Profit & Fundraising
  • Seasonal Ventures
  • Churches & Religious
  • Hair, Nail & Tanning Salons
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Small Business Solutions