Weigh Pay Solutions for the Seafood Industry

Seafood Software For Fisheries and Seafood Dealers.


Weigh Pay Solutions seafood software for the seafood industry has been designed and developed primarily for fisheries and seafood dealers that purchase species from licensed and commerical fisherman. Fisheries that are selling bait and buying mutliple species will enjoy the buy and sell features that are built into the same scale ticket software.

Our state-of-the-art mobile and desktop solutions help take cost out of your business; gives you visibility from anywhere, on any device, across multi-locations; and keeps you compliant with local and federal laws.


Weigh Pay Seafood, is a new software designed to allow the dealer and the fisherman (commercial and licensed clammers) to communicate at the start of the trip, our new trip tickets are started by the Fisherman and then the dealer is notified that a trip has been started, what the fisherman is fishing for (THE CATCH) and the location of the dealer that will receive the catch.  The primary focus for the Seafood Software is to allow the dealer and the fisherman to operate their individual businesses, protecting thier private business data while allowing them to work with real time visibility.

WeighPay Seafood is a business app offering speedy scale transactions, capturing photos of  the catch or container with integrated accounting features that are simple to use, tracking the landings, costing for bait and gear, tracking labor and vessle costs are paramount for any fishery or fisherman.  Daily profit and loss reports allow the both the fishery and the fisherman to know how each of their respective business are operating at a moments notice from season to season for each species while completely protecting the private business data so each can only see thier data without violating privacy laws. 

The software is getting solid feedback and input for state and federal reporting from our primary partners at Gulf of Maine Inc., a emerging seafood dealer in northern Maine.  Tim and his wife Amy, are assisting our team in creating easy-to-use wizard based trip ticket app with the largest buttons in the seafood industry.  Trip ticket logic is so simple, that if you can anwser your cell phone, you can operate the software.  Seafood Software operates on the phone, tablet and desktop devices and comes with optional cloud hosting or a local server for an anytime, anywhere online offline experience.

You can contact Tim and Amy (207-726-4630) as they are offering their location as a new East Coast HQ for Weigh Pay Solutions, they are well versed in WP solutions and can assist your dealership with sales and training. They will also serve the larger Weigh Pay market in assisting scrap yards, aggregate recyclers, waste transfer stations and other weight based industries with Weigh Pay Solutions sales and service. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A recent article on Gulf of Maine Inc. and Tim and Amy Sheehan

tim amy gulfofmaine

Gulf of Maine Inc.


Fish-IT is an app for sea captains that helps record landing data, tracking starting location, labor costs, steam time costs, catch location, quality grades, size, special handling, bait costs, specifically integrated for traceability and reporting compliance.  The main goal for the Fish-IT app is giving the Captain a daily profit and loss report that includes all expenses and daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales.

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  • Lower operating costs
  • Off-line and online software allows for usage when out of internet coverage for greater visibility and management controls
  • Available on any Windows mobile, laptop or desktop computer.


  • Trip logs with state and federal reporting.
  • Start trip ticket, alerts all parties (dock scales, dealer, broker)
  • Record specific trip info: Fuel used, gear used, location of catch
  • Location of Seafood (dealer)
  • Expected weight of catch
  • Run daily P&L


  • Finish trip tickets started in Fish-It APP from multiple fishermen.
  • Detailed catch recording
  • Land catch directly into inventory and calculate quota
  • Quota management
  • Integrate into your accounting program for secure and time-savings management
  • Inspections that are associated with the trip are retained adn can be quickly identified from the vessle/lot level through to production and sale.
  • Fishing area, quality measures, and special equipment can be recorded along with the catch line and area, in order to satisfy environmental certification records and quality buyer schemes.


  • Customize User rolls with different security levels

  • Instantly connect your locations with no servers or MS SQL costs
  • Instant “Live Snapshot” of your business from any internet connected device
  • Manage users and passwords and devices

  • Customer Database, Merge Customer files, See customer images

  • Search for tickets: Paid Tickets, Accounts Payable Tickets, Delay Tickets, Active Tickets, Void Tickets
 Check Register Reports
  • Live Snapshot Feature –instantly know the days critical information

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