Weigh Pay Solutions for Waste Management

Weight Based Scale Software for Transfer Stations.

weight based scale software waste transfer stationsWeigh Pay Solutions offers a powerful new software suite for the waste management industry. Offering multiple software solutions (cloud or local server storage) for the rugged demands of the waste management industry.


A perfect fit for the waste management industry, with the unique ability to purchase, sell or invoice for any commodity or related service (MSW Waste, Petroleum Based Waste, Contaminated Soils, Recyclables, Scrap Metals and or Bottle Beverage Containers)

With simple to use AR and AP features, our integrated accounting features work with three different ticket types; Point of Purchase tickets (P.O.) and Point of Sale (POS) tickets and creating Sales Invoices all from the same user interface attached to your scales and cameras.

Sales & Invoicing
For the sales or invoicing side, after finishing the scale transaction and applying a payment type, for COD tickets you can accept cash, check, credit, wire and for AR invoicing the user would select the AR Billing type. The user can then go into the online back office to view Sales Invoices, these Sales Invoices can be attached to an Accounts Receivable invoice for billing. The user can attach a single Sales Invoice (scale transaction) or multiple Sales Invoices to a single AR Invoice.

For the purchase side, after finishing the scale transactions and applying a payment type (cash,check,AP, wire, credit) then inventory is created.  The user can then log into the online back office to create shipping report or a packing slip to reduce inventory for outgoing loads.   Each shipiing report (Bill of Lading) can then be attached to an AR Invoice on a one-by-one case or the user can attach as many BOL's to a single AR Invoice to receive a single payment for multiple shipments.

If the Accounts Payable payment type was selected as the payment type for the scale transaction.  Inventory is automatically added even though payment is not yet complete, this allows the company to process and prepare the load for sales.  When the user chooses to pay AP tickets the user can log into the online back office and attach a single transaction or as many as needed can be attached to a AP Summary Report to create a single payment for AP tickets created throughout the month.

Creating Packages
On the purchase side, your warehouse staff can create bar-coded tags for pallets, boxes, bins, bales or packages, then as many as needed can be attached to a packing slip from the mobile app or the online back office for shipment. These packing slips can then be attached to an AR Invoice for billing. 

Cash management, we take pride in our cash management features and tools, allowing scale tickets to be paid by cash or to accept cash with full cash drawer visibility via the web for offsite managers.

Weigh Pay Solutions will auto create your check writing whether its for checks paid out for recyclables or checks paid for AP accounts.

You can also assign tickets to be paid by wire, delay pay, split pay between cash, cash or delay pay (great for accepting a load, sorting the load and making a pre-payment)

A robust online reporting system that is accessible 24/7 from any device is an accountants dream.  Real time numbers for for incoming materials, outgoing sales and sales invoices.

Managing multiple transfer stations in a single database instance has never been this simple.  This feature alone allows larger waste management companies to have full visibility of cash levels, check registers, inventory levels and reporting at their fingertips 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Combining your Waste transactions with your Recycling operations allows for a single software application that can be used Phones, Tablets and Desktop computers, a perfect solution for your mobile collection sites, remote truck scale stations. 

Compliance is our #1 priority and by combining that with the most affordable software suite on the planet allows our Weigh Pay Solutions to meet any budget.

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  • Facilitate compliance sign-off and documentation
  • Improve safety records by reducing distractions behind the wheel
  • Deliver automation for bi-directional mobile field-to-back office reporting
  • Scheduling, dispatching, work order (coming soon)
  • Photo-documentation for improved container tracking and load sorting
  • Stores in-app customer documents as attachments.
  • In-field billing, invoicing, quotes, and accounting integration




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